Activate Daytime Running Lights On/Off Option

Activate Daytime Running Lights On/Off Option

By in iDrive

Feature Overview:

Activating the daytime running lights option for iDrive, will give you the option to turn this feature on and off from the iDrive screen.

ECU/s Effected: CIC
Feature Confirmed Working On The Following Car Model Years:
2006 E90
2007 E90
2008 E90
2009 E90
2010 E90
20011 E90

If you have confirmed this feature works for a model year not listed, tell us by writing a reply to this tutorial below.

1. Change The Following Parameters:

Parameter Old Value New Value
DAYDRIVING_LIGHT perm_off standard



  1. Hello,

    I can confirm that this feature works on my BMW E90 (320d) 2008 Model.


    Shaik Masood

    December 27, 2014

    • Thanks for letting us know. I have updated the page.

      Coding E90 Staff

      December 27, 2014

  2. I have e91 320d 2008. My car don’t have CIC but MASK module. I’ve activated DRL option by changing DAY_RUN_LIGHT_MASK to aktiv.


    June 7, 2015

  3. Hi there,
    I have a 2009 LCI 320d with iDrive. and would like to turn on DRL’s.
    Any ideas’s what menus I need to go into to enable this setting?


    September 11, 2016

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