Activate Fuel Stop Suggestion in Route Guidance

Activate Fuel Stop Suggestion in Route Guidance

By in iDrive

Feature Overview:

Activating the fuel stop suggestion in route guidance will allow you to select the Route Information on the iDrive navigation screen, and it will display point(s) along your journey that you can use to refuel. Selecting a point will give you more information about the different stations in that area. 

ECU/s Effected: CIC
Feature Confirmed Working On The Following Car Model Years:
2006 E90
2007 E90
2008 E90
2009 E90
2010 E90
20011 E90

If you have confirmed this feature works for a model year not listed, tell us by writing a reply to this tutorial below.

1. Change The Following Parameters:

Parameter Old Value New Value
NAVI_FUELSTOP_PROPOSAL nicht_aktiv aktiv


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