Activate Unlocking All Doors When Removing Key Fob

Activate Unlocking All Doors When Removing Key Fob

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Feature Overview:

Activating this feature will allow you to automatically have all your car doors unlock when you turn your BMW vehicle off. If you have comfort access installed, and you do not put your key fob into the key slot, your car will still unlock all the doors when you press the push to start button to turn the car off. Otherwise, your all your doors will unlock when you remove the key fob from the key slot.

ECU/s Effected: CAS
Feature Confirmed Working On The Following Car Model Years:
2006 E90
2007 E90
2008 E90
2009 E90
2010 E90
2011 E90

If you have confirmed this feature works for a model year not listed, tell us by writing a reply to this tutorial below.


This feature will only unlock the driver door if key fob is set to unlock the driver door only within the iDrive settings. To unlock all doors, make sure to set the key fob to unlock all doors within the iDrive settings, and this will unlock all doors. This also works with Comfort Access when the engine is shut off, but you might need the KOMFORT_EJECT parameter activated.

1. Change The Following Parameters:

Parameter Old Value New Value
ER_KEYOUT_AUTOVR nicht_aktiv aktiv



  1. Hello,

    I can confirm that this feature works on my BMW E90 (320d) 2008 Model.


    Shaik Masood

    December 27, 2014

    • Thanks for letting us know. I have updated the page.

      Coding E90 Staff

      December 27, 2014

  2. prejudice are Domenico I joined just wanted to know from expert users is this parameter kls_bei_al_aktiv


    March 17, 2015

  3. Works on 2011 E90.


    April 8, 2015

  4. Works great Ithaca 2007 e90, and 2010 e93.

    Ben M

    May 8, 2015

    • Thanks, the site has been updated.

      Coding E90 Staff

      May 11, 2015

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