Activate BC Digital Velocity

Activate BC Digital Velocity

By in Board Computer

Feature Overview:

Activating the BC Digital Velocity feature will allow you to view the velocity (mph) your car is currently traveling on the car’s digital board computer.

ECU/s Effected: KOMBI

Feature Confirmed Working On The Following Car Model Years:
2006 E90
2007 E90
2008 E90
2009 E90
2010 E90
2011 E90
2012 E90

If you have confirmed this feature works for a model year not listed, tell us by writing a reply to this tutorial below.

1. Change The Following Parameters:

Parameter Old Value New Value
BC_DIGITAL_V nicht_aktiv aktiv


  1. I had been just curious. My boyfriend has an interest in diving and it has been for a long time, but he doesn’t possess a BC and pointed out you get one. I had been wandering exactly what the best brand/make was. I understand its different for everyone. However I was wishing to obtain a wise decision of the items to choose. I hear the Mares A dragon is good and also the Oceanic Probe. Anybody have suggestions about every other BC’s or comments on individuals?


    May 30, 2014

  2. If BC means Before Christ, and AD means After Dying, when did Jesus live? What is the Electricity (throughout Christ)?


    May 30, 2014

  3. Confirmed working on my 2006 E90.


    February 2, 2015

  4. It works on a 03/2007 E90 build.


    February 7, 2015

  5. Is it possible to enable that in Km/h instead of Mph ? or will that config follow the other settings on the car ?

    Thank you


    April 3, 2015

    • I’m not sure. I would think there should be a way to do so, but I could be wrong. Let us know if you find/found anything out about this.

      Coding E90 Staff

      April 6, 2015

  6. Confirmed working on 2011 e90


    April 4, 2015

    • Thanks for letting us know. Will update the site shortly.

      Coding E90 Staff

      April 6, 2015

  7. Thanks for the write up, easy to follow. Confirmed working on 2012 e92 328i


    September 25, 2015

    • Thanks. I have updated the website.

      Coding E90 Staff

      September 25, 2015

  8. I have a 2008 320i E90. Worked perfectly. 🙂


    October 10, 2015

    • Thanks JOey, I have updated the webpage.

      Coding E90 Staff

      November 17, 2015

  9. Confirmed working on E90, 318d 11.2010.


    November 28, 2015

  10. I have enabled this but like the cruise control, it displays in KPH. I have set the units to be MPH in the console but I would love to know how to change this digital display to Mph and also the Cruise Control to be Mph if anyone knows…


    December 25, 2015

  11. Confirm it work on my late 2010 E84, although it’s not E90, exactly the same.


    January 18, 2016

  12. Works perfectly with my e92 from 2010.


    June 14, 2016

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