Below you will find a series of helpful documents and files that we have gathered up from around the internet that have to do with coding a BMW E90. 

Car Features:

Exclusive DVD in Motion activation for CIC by BMWCODING v2

Copy Of BMW E9x Code List Version 1

BMW Coding E90 (Has a few features you can tweak)

USB Interface Cable:

K+DCAN USB Interface Installation_Manual

NCS Dummy:

NCS Dummy Getting Started Guide (By Revtor)

NCS Expert:

Changing the Vehicle Order (VO) (Created: 3/18/2008)
Changing the Vehicle Order (VO) (Created: 5/10/2013)
Getting Started With NCSExpert v1.0 (By Mark)
How to update NCS Expert (By cliente7)


Get Started With WinKFP 5.1
Setting Up WinKFP (By Mario Lange)
WinKFPT 5.1 User’s Guide