Getting Started

Getting Started

1. The Hardware


If you have an interest in programming your E90 BMW vehicle, there are 2 important hardware components are you are doing to need:

  1. Computer (Laptop Recommended)
    We recommend that the computer you use has a Windows XP 32bit operating system (OS) installed. Although, others have reported to get the software needed to program BMW E90 vehicles to work on Windows 7 and above OSs as well as 64bit OSs, but most users have the most programming success using the recommended OS (Win XP 32bit).
  2. USB-OBD2 Cable
    BMW INPA / Ediabas K+DCAN USB Interface
    Obviously you need a way to connect your computer to your BMW vehicle. The cable we recommend for accomplishing this is the BMW INPA / Ediabas K+DCAN USB Interface over at One Stop Electronics. There are cheaper cables out there, but sometimes you get what you pay for, and when programming a car that probably cost you thousands, it is worth spending the extra cash to invest in a reliable cable.


2. The Software

The 3 programs below are needed or recommended for coding your BMW E90 car:

  • NCSExpert (Version: 3.1.0 with Daten Files Version: 51.2 or above)
  • Inpa (Version: 5.0.2)
  • Ediabas (Version: 7.2.0)

The following text editor program is optional but recommended, and is what will be used in some of our tutorials:

We recommend buying cj83lex’s Everything You Need To Code Your BMW package for $5.00. You will probably want to go ahead and grab the latest data files addition he has for $10.00 extra. So for a total of $15.00 you will have everything you need software wise to program your BMW E90 car. Note, everything that he does provide in the package you can find around the internet, but it can take a lot of time to gather up the right software versions as well as finding download links to the software that are still active.


Extra Info About Each Program:

NCSExpert is a program that is used to read and write new parameters to your car. NCSExpert will be the main program you use to code your car. Helpful link to learn more about NCSExpert: Click Here

Inpa is simply a program used to run diagnostics on your car, for example, checking the status of your air bags.

Some have stated the Ediabas program is used to communicate diagnostics information from your car. Helpful link to learn more about Ediabas: Click Here


3. Setting Up The Coding Environment

The next thing we need to do is to get your computer’s programming environment setup. For most, setting up the environment is usually the toughest part. But after your computer is setup, the rest is really straight forward.


Step: 1 – C Directory Configuring & OBD Setup

  • Unzip the “NCSEXPER.rar” file, and place the 3 folders (EDIABAS, INPA, and NCSEXPER) inside the zipped file in the C:\ folder. Your C:\ folder should have the following highlighted folders added:
    Screenshot - 5_7_2014 , 12_52_22 PM
  • Navigate to C:\INPA\BIN
    • Right click on INPALOAD.exe and create a shortcut to desktop
  • Navigate to C:\NCSEXPER
    • Create a shortcut to your desktop of the “WORK” folder
  • Navigate to C:\NCSEXPER\BIN
    • Create a shortcut to desktop of “NCSEXPER.EXE
  • Navigate to C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\OBD and run the OBDSetup.exe. Your screen will look something like the image below. Since I have ran this script previously, it might look a little different the first time you run  it. Press any key to close the window, and then restart your computer!
    Screenshot - 5_7_2014 , 1_01_27 PM


Step: 2 – Setting Up Environment Variables

  • Go to System Properties (click the start button, and right click on My Computer and click Properties)
    1. Click on the Advanced tab
    2. Click on Environment Variables
      Screenshot - 5_7_2014 , 1_11_29 PM
    3. Under System variables, highlight “Path” and click edit
      Screenshot - 5_7_2014 , 1_14_20 PM
    4. Add the following to the end of the Variable value: ;C:\ediabas\bin
      Screenshot - 5_7_2014 , 1_17_30 PM
    5. Click OK. You can then close out of all the open windows and return to your desktop.


Step: 3 – USB Interface Configuring

For this step, I am assuming you have the BMW INPA / Ediabas K+DCAN USB Interface cable mentioned above under the Hardware section. If not, the following steps may not apply to you, and a different configuration may be needed to properly setup communication to your car.

  • From desktop, press the WINDOWS KEY + R and type devmgmt.msc and click OK.
    Screenshot - 5_7_2014 , 1_32_25 PM
  • After clicking OK, Device Manager will open
    1. Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) section and plugin your USB Interface cable into your computer.
    2. You should then notice a new device show up called USB Serial Port (COM*). For my computer, since COM1 and COM2 were already in use, my computer automatically assigned the device to COM6. Since INPA and NCS Expert are by default setup to use COM1 to communicate with the vehicle, we will need to change the assigned port to COM1. Note, there is a way to change the communication port INPA and NCS Expert uses to communicate to your car, but I find it easier to just assign the USB Interface cable to COM1.
      Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_33_38 PM
    3. Since in my case COM1 is already being used by something else, I needed to Disable that device from using that communication port. Right click Communications Port (COM1) and click on Disable.
      Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_37_51 PM
    4. Now we need to make some changes to the USB Serial Port. Right click on USB Serial Port, and click on Properties.
      Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_40_09 PM
    5. Click on the Port Settings tab, and verify the following values are as follows:
      • Bits per second: 9600
      • Data bits: 8
      • Parity: None
      • Stop bits: 1
      • Flow control: None
    6. Click the Advanced button
      Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_40_59 PM
    7. Change COM Port Number to COM1
      Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_43_33 PM
    8. Change Latency Timer (msec) to 1 and click the OK button and exit out of Device Manager and return to the Desktop.
      Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_48_02 PM
    9. Plug your USB Interface cable into your car if you have not done so already. Do not start your car just yet. Next, open up the INPALOAD.EXE program located on your Desktop.
      I recommend keeping a battery charger attached to the car’s battery, since the following steps require the ignition to be on to work correctly.


Step: 4 – Using INPA

INPA is a great tool to use to verify that your car is correctly communicating with your computer. Again, INPA is only a diagnostics program used to check the conditions for different parts of the car. For now, we only care to use it to make sure there are no communication problems and our USB Interface cable is working.

  1. When the program opens, you should see 2 circles. One for Battery, and the other for Ignition. At this point, if you have not turned on your car’s ignition, only the Battery circle should be solid black.
    Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_55_53 PM
  2. Turn on your car’s ignition but do not start the car’s engine. After doing so, in INPA, the Ignition circle should turn solid black.
    Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_56_32 PM
  3. Next we need to tell INPA what type of car we are dealing with. Press F9 for the E90 menu.
    Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_57_50 PM
  4. On the Scrip selection popup window, select Karosserie, and in the second window pane, double click Airbag.
    Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 4_59_08 PM
    If you receive a “Versions do not match” and “Language variants do not match” error, everything is usually fine. According to some, it has something to do with the newer version of  EDIABAS. If you do not receive any errors, that is fine as well.
    Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 5_04_55 PM  Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 5_05_04 PM
  5. Normally, if you did not receive any errors after clicking on Airbags, or if you received the 2 errors mentioned above, most would say you are ready to move on to using NCS Expert. However, just as a precaution, let’s verify we do not receive any errors if we check the state of our seat beat buckles. This test will only work if you do not have any seat belt buckle issues already. So I’m assuming your seat belts are in working condition.
  6. Unbuckle any buckled seat belts in the car
  7. In INPA, click the Status (F5) button.
    Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 5_03_58 PM
  8. Click the Buckle (F5) button
    Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 5_08_28 PM
  9. You should now be on a Buckles screen that has several sections with circles. We are going to only focus on the Driver’s buckle for this test. If you are following this guide step by step, the Buckle plugged should read “no” and Buckle attached should read “yes” with a solid black circle.
    Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 5_08_47 PM
  10. On the driver side of the car, buckle the seat belt into the buckle. After doing so, in INPA, the Buckle plugged should read “yes” with a solid black circle.
    Screenshot - 5_8_2014 , 5_10_00 PM
  11. If you received no errors while performing the seat buckle test, congratulations! You are now successfully communicating with your car and ready to move on to using NCS Expert. Again, INPA is a great tool to use to make sure the communication between the car and your computer is working correctly before using NCS Expert.
  12. Close INPA and start NCSEXPER.EXE located on the Desktop.


Step: 5 – Using NCS Expert

For this step, we will create a new profile in NCS Expert which will be what you will use for most of your coding in the future. Also, just to get your hands wet for the first time, I will show you how to code/activate the famous BC Digital Velocity feature for the car.

Do not skip any of the following steps. AGAIN, do not, do not, do not skip any of the following steps. Doing so leads to the risk of you screwing up your car from starting or worse. If you receive any errors from NCS Expert at anytime, STOP moving forward in this guide and recheck your steps or try Googling the problem you are having.

  1. When you open NCS Expert, you should be presented with a window that looks like the following:
    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_12_26 AM
  2. Click File, and then click on Load Profil
    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_14_13 AM
  3. Choose the Expertmode profile and then click the OK button. Note, the list of profiles you have to select from may be different than mine. That is fine. If you do not have an Expertmode profile, you need to retain a copy before moving on.
    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_16_48 AM
  4. Click File, and then click on Edit Profil, and for the Password, input the following and click the OK button: repxet
     Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_27_54 AM

  5. In the Profile editor popup window, click on the Car-Keymemory button and make sure all 3 boxes are checked on the Car Memory popup window and then click the OK button.Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_34_57 AM

    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_36_35 AM

  6. Click on the consistence check button, and you should receive a popup Info window that says “konsistence check OK”. If so, click the OK button on the popup window.Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_39_32 AM

    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_40_29 AM

  7. Click on the FSW/PSW button, and verify the from CVT option is selected, and check both boxes for FSW-/PSW-Trace and FSW-/PSW-Manipulate with FSW_PSW.MAN. Next click the OK button.Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_42_43 AM

    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_43_13 AM

  8. Click on the consistence check button again, and you should receive a popup Info window that says “konsistence check OK”. If so, click the OK button on the popup window.Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_39_32 AM

    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_40_29 AM

  9. Click on the OK button to close the Profile editor.
    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_48_41 AM
  10. Click File, and then click on Save Profil as. Change the File name to FZG2.PFL, and make sure the File name does not already exist in the select pane below it. Also make sure the PFL folder is selected in the Folders select pane. Then click the OK button.
    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_51_24 AM
  11. Click File, and then click Edit Profil, and enter the same password (repxet) as before. Next click the Profile info button and change Profile name to FSW PSW MAN and then click the OK button. Then click the OK button to close the Profile editor window.
    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 11_16_08 AM

    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 11_17_44 AM

  12. Click File, and then click Save Profil.
    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 11_35_19 AM
  13. To sum of what we just did, we have just now created a profile that will write information to the car from a .MAN file that will be located in our NCS Expert WORK folder. We will get to that in a minute. The most important point here is, in the future when you start NCS Expert, you need to load the FSW PSW MAN profile instead of the Expertmode profile. If you click File, and then click on Load Profil, you will notice the new profile (FSW PSW MAN) you just created is now listed as an option to select.
  14. After you load the profile, you will see new options to select from under F1, F2, and F3.
    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 11_44_32 AM
  15. Press F1 or click the VIN/ZCS/FA button.
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_35_57 PM


  16. Press F3 to choose the CHASSIS for the vehicle. I am going to assume you are trying to code an BMW E90 vehicle, so in the pop-up window, choose E89 from the list and press the OK button. We are basically telling what type of vehicle we are working with. Another window will pop-up after clicking OK, and from that window, choose CAS for the ECU and press the OK button. We need to choose the ECU so NCS Expert can retreive the car’s VIN number and Vehicle Order (VO) so that it knows what parameters to use to program the car.Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_36_25 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_36_43 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_36_59 PM

  17. In NCS Expert, you will notice beside FG is the VIN number and FA contains the VO for the vehicle. The FA string can be changed if needed, but we will not get into that in this guide. To learn more about how to change the FA click here.
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_37_19 PM
  18. Press the F6 button or click the Back button. Note, the Function buttons may be grayed out for a few seconds. When you press the Back button, NCS Expert is reading all the values from every module in the vehicle and storing them in a FSW_PSW.TRC file located in the NCS Expert WORK folder. It does this automatically, and will overwrite the file if it already exists. Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_43_23 PM
  19. Open your NCS Expert WORK folder (you should have a shortcut on your desktop to the folder). As mentioned before, you should notice a file in your work folder called FSW_PSW.TRC. This file was automatically created or updated by NCS Expert. A common practice is to make a backup of this file each time you plan to make coding changes to a module in the car. I normally have a folder inside the WORK folder called Backup, and I place all my backups in that folder. So copy the FSW_PSW.TRC file and paste it in the Backup folder or somewhere else on your computer in case you need to restore your settings. Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_47_02 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_48_06 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_50_17 PM

  20. In NCS Expert you will notice under get_coded a list of modules selected to get coded. All the parameters/settings for these modules are what’s listed in the FSW_PSW.TRC file you just took a backup of.Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_51_38 PM
  21. Since to activate the BC Digital Velocity we only need to deal with the KOMBI module, we are going to select only that module to get coded instead of all the modules. Press F4 or click the Process ECU button.Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_52_56 PM
  22. Choose the KOMBI ECU from the pop-up window and press the OK button. Note, for my 2009 BMW E90 my BC Digital Velocity settings were located in the KOMBI module. For some, it may be the CAS ECU you need to select. But for now, just follow along, and if you cannot find the line to edit in the KOMBI module, just start back at this step and select the CAS ECU instead of the KOMBI ECU.Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_53_27 PM
  23. You should now notice in NCS Expert under the get coded text that only the KOMBI module is listed instead of all the vehicle’s modules. Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_53_47 PM
  24. Press F4 or click on the Read ECU button. This will overwrite your FSW_PSW.TRC file in the NCS Expert WORK folder again. However, this time around it will only read in the values from the KOMBI module instead of all the modules in your car. You will notice the size of the FSW_PSW.TRC file is a lot smaller than before as well. In my case, it was only 9KB instead of 234KB when NCS Expert read in all the values for every module. You will also notice a NETTODAT.TRC window pop-up. Just exit out of that window. Additionally, you will notice a string of text under KOMBI that says Coding ended. That means NCS Expert has completed reading the ECU.

  25. In the NCS Expert WORK folder, open the FSW_PSW.TRC file in Notepad++.  Note, if you do not have Notepad++ installed, you can also open the file in the standard Notepad program.Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_56_53 PM
  26. We need to go ahead and save this file with a .MAN extention instead of .TRC since NCS Expert is setup to code your car with the FSW_PSW.MAN file located in your NCS Expert WORK folder. So in Notepad++, click on File, then click on Save As, and then change the file name to the following: FSW_PSW.MAN
    , it is okay if the FSW_PSW.MAN file already exists in your WORK folder. Just overwrite it.
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_57_43 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_58_10 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_58_42 PM

  27. After you save the file, notice in Notepad++ the tab should have a title that says, FSW_PSW.MAN instead of FSW_PSW.TRC.

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_00_14 PM

  28. In Notepad++ use the search option to search for the following parameter: BC_DIGITAL_V
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_01_13 PM
  29. If you have not noticed already, some parameters have the word “aktiv” under them, and some parameters have “nicht_aktiv” under them. The basic fundamentals for most parameters are, if it has the word “aktiv” underneath it, it means that parameter is active (enabled). If the parameter has “nicht_aktiv” underneath it, it means that parameter is not active (not enabled). As you can see from the above screenshot, the BC_DIGITAL_V parameter is not active. So to activate the BC Digital Velocity feature, replace the word “nicht_aktiv” with the word “aktiv” and save the file. Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_01_57 PM
  30. In NCS Expert, press F5 or click the Basic functions button. In the pop-up window select the coapiReadSgGetFswPsw function and press the OK button. Selecting this function simply tells NCS Expert that we would like it to use the parameter values from the FSW_PSW.MAN file that we just edited when we code the car. Another pop-up window (coapiReadSgGetFswPsw) will appear that has the CBD name and other text fields. Do not change anything, and just press the OK button. 
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_02_36 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_03_06 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_03_22 PM

  31. A pop-up window (coapiReadSgGetFswPsw) should appear with the message that says, “basic function perfect ended”. If it does, pres the OK button. If it does not, you may have done something wrong in one of the above steps, and do not continue forward. 
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_03_45 PM
  32. We need to change the JOBNAME from CODIERDATEN_LESEN, which means NCS Expert will read the information from the module instead of writing to it, to SG_CODIEREN, which means we want NCS Expert to write the information to the module. Press F2 or the Change job button, and in the pop-up window, select SG_CODIEREN and press the OK button.Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_04_16 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_04_46 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_05_03 PM

  33. Finally, the step you have been waiting for. We are now ready to write the changes to the module. Make sure beside JOBNAME NCS Expert has SG_CODIEREN selected. Next, Press F3 or the Execute job button.Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_05_29 PM
  34. Next under KOMBI, you will notice a text string that says Coding activ, which means coding is taking place, and after it is done coding the changes, the text string will say, Coding ended.Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_06_05 PM

    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 5_06_15 PM

  35. Congratulations! You have coded your first feature on your car! After the coding has ended, the vehicle will restart. Afterwards, press the BC button a few times until you see the velocity screen. bcBMW IMG_4295

I hope this guide was useful for you. I know it was extremely long, but once you code a few more features, this process will be second nature to you and you’ll look like a pro in no time. To code other features for your car, visit the Coding Tutorials area.


  1. Hey mate. Could you help me with coding an e90 idrive radio to expand the band/reigon change from japanese to aus/nz?


    October 30, 2014

    • I wish I could buddy, but I do not have any idea how to do that. If you learn how, please do share.

      Coding E90 Staff

      November 4, 2014

  2. Hi, In step 30 what does the function “coapiReadSgGetFswPsw ” do exactly ?

    If I skip this step what will happen ?

    When I coded a module, I modified the values I want, saved the file and changed the job to write mode instead of read without going through coapiReadSgGetFswPsw .

    Anything wrong could happen by avoiding step 30 ?




    December 18, 2014

  3. Hey Chadi,

    The coapiReadSgGEtFswPSw is what I used to write the information from my MAN file to the car. I am not sure what the other functions in that pop-up will do to the car or what file they use on your computer. If what you used worked and it activated the feature just fine, that it may be another alternative option. But I just stuck with things I read in manuals online, so I stuck with the coapiReadSgGetFswPsw function.

    Let us know if your way works as well though.

    Coding E90 Staff

    December 18, 2014

  4. I would like to know how you knew that the BC_Digital_V was in the Kombi module. How do I know what module I am working with each time? If I don’t know what module, would I be able to just hit Code Car and that way be sure that the module I want to rewrite gets rewritten, since all modules then get rewritten? Hope I am making my self clear.


    March 23, 2015

    • Honestly I learned what steps to take by following other tutorials and not skipping any of the steps unless I was sure I wouldn’t mess up anything. I’m not a BMW rep so my advice is to try to follow each step in the guide/s and usually they tell you what module the feature is located in. However, if I remember correctly, I believe all the modules get overwritten, not just the one you tweaked.

      Coding E90 Staff

      March 24, 2015

  5. So even with “get coded” set to “KOMBI” and “job_name” set to “SG_KODIEREN”…. when you hit “Execute job”, all modules including KOMBI will be overwritten in the car instead of only KOMBI ??

    If so that’s kind of scary 🙂 since when reading from the car we selected only info from the KOMBI module (9kb code file instead of 234kb on the complete code file including all modules) and on the way back, writting to the car we are using the KOMBI only file… Is there any chance that we wipe out all other features doing that ?

    I apologize for the question but this comment “I believe all the modules get overwritten, not just the one you tweaked” made it a little confusing to me ….. 🙂


    April 3, 2015

  6. Hello all,
    I have BMW e90 323i, I step by step this link ( to go to coding velocity screen my e90 before, But the problem
    is coming. When I start up my car,dashboard is not feedback (speed indicator,
    transmission indicator, oil indicator) only. So How can I do ?
    Please help me !!!!

    Thanks so much !!


    May 13, 2015

  7. Wow…what a great writeup. I’ve ordered my cable and downloaded the software. Can’t wait to get started. This guide makes it so easy to understand! Great work!


    June 10, 2015

  8. Hi,

    I followed the instructions and everything went well expect i now had a waring in my cluster with the error code CC-ID 60, could you help me get over this code please


    June 10, 2015

  9. I did it Step by step. everything went perfect but in the end I found out that my tachometer is not working any more. It starts working with the engine but drops down in 3 seconds.

    Any ideas? need your help.


    June 16, 2015

  10. Great guide many thanks. I also agree I don’t think step 30 (coapiReadSgGetFswPsw) is required i cant find much information about it though but i never used it before!


    November 5, 2015

  11. Great write up, appreciate the effort you went through to explain it all, the flow charts helped immensely!


    December 13, 2015

  12. Hi,

    I have a 2009 E90 and would like to code it. However not very sure where I can download the NCSexper.rar from. Would this have all the files and software that I need?

    Sorry but I am new to this as you can see. I have already ordered the cable and just waiting for delivery.

    I want to activate the video in motion and sound the alarm when I lock the car.


    January 4, 2016

  13. Hi everyone,

    Just a quick question!

    If I follow this guide, will it erase everything ? Cause mine is already coded by someone else. The main thing I cannot lose is the HIFI coding. Will this be erased to ?


    March 30, 2016

  14. hi is the set up the same for e46 cheers daz


    April 20, 2016

  15. Fellas,

    This tutorial is awesome! I did not get the expected results when running OBDsetup.exe, I got some failures if I remember correctly, but everything else went without error when coding my E82 and the wife’s E84.

    I realize that once you’ve successfully completed this tutorial that you can start on Step 5 Using NCSExpert, but I don’t have a firm grip on where I can skip steps in the loading, saving, and backup process so I’ll do a little more reading before I start asking questions. In the mean time, I have nothing but thanks for the work you guys have done and shared with the rest of us.




    May 21, 2016

  16. Thank you for your great posting on e90 coding. I clicked on the link you have posted to get ” Everything You Need To Code Your BMW package for $5.00″ but it took me to the MediaFire website. I signed up for the website and search for the software but was unable to locate it. Can you please help? Thanks. John

    John Salla

    September 23, 2016

  17. Hi,

    I have followed all the steps in the guide but I can’t quite get it to work.

    I get connection between pc and car in INPA, and it recognizes that it’s an E91. But when I try the Airbag test I get a fault code and then it goes to Main menu.

    In NCSExpert when trying to connect it doesn’t identify the car and I can only see the CAS and FRM ECU. The error i get is “Fahrzeugaftrag ungültig $1CD”. It feels like I have the wrong software and need an update or what do you think?

    Would really appreciate quick answer as I’m so stoked on coding my car! 🙂

    Thank you!
    Regards Eric


    September 27, 2016

  18. Great tutorial!
    BC_DIGITAL_V confirmed to work on E91 2005-08-03.
    I will be doing some further coding – just need to analyze the TRC file for possible options and their meaning.


    December 14, 2016

  19. Hello,

    I want to do the Folding Mirror Feature. I see that on the Tutorial for that it shows the parameters that need to be changed. I am guessing you do those parameters on part 28,29 and follow the same exact steps that follow in this tutorial?

    New to this. Thanks.

    John Lopez Pedraza

    February 3, 2017

  20. Hello,

    To do the Folding mirrors, you just change the parameters given in the tutorial active folding mirrors on the step 28 and 29 on this tutorial and follow the steps exactly as they are here?

    john lopez

    February 3, 2017

  21. Hello, just wanted to tell you that your tutorial is by far the best i’ve seen for one simple reason : you don’t just say what to do and how to do it, you also explain WHY. And the WHY is probably even more important than the “how”, because then everything makes sense !

    Now I can try and code some options for my E60 knowing I have this guide to remind me why i’m doing these steps ! Thanks again !


    March 12, 2017


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  2. Need help changing battery for 08 plate 5 series - Page 2 - […] 16:17 In the meantime, have a read ..........Getting Started - Coding E90…

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