Using The Website

Using The Website


The Coding E90 website was setup in a particular way to help streamline the process for coding features for a BMW E90 vehicle. Basically, the Car Features coding tutorials on the website only contain the description of the feature and what parameters need to be changed in order to successfully activate the feature. Since we explained in detail the standard process for coding a BMW E90 module in the Getting Started guide, we did not spend time covering the same material in the Car Features tutorials. 

We recommend starting with the Getting Started guide for beginners, which covers some of the basic fundamentals for a few of the main programs used to program a BMW E90. Click the following button to learn more:

Getting Started Guide

The Layout


Most of the Car Features tutorials follow a distinct order. We will use the OEM Alarm System tutorial as an example.

  • There will first be a Feature Overview section which will provide a short description about the feature. Within the overview, the ECU/s effected will be listed. So basically, after you load your profile, press F1, then F3, select the E89 CHASSIS, select the CAS ECU, press the back button, and finally press F4 for Process ECU, you will find the list of ECUs we are referring to that will be effected. 
    Screenshot - 5_12_2014 , 1_17_53 PM
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_53_27 PM
  • The next section that you will see is which model year the feature has been confirmed to work with. Since we do not own every model year, we rely heavily on the community to inform us if the feature works for a model year not listed on the website. If the feature has been confirmed to work, a check mark will be beside the model year for that car (i.e. the 2009 E90 green box below).  
    Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 11.28.13 AM
  • The next section that you may see is “Vehicle Options To Add” depending on whether or not the feature you are trying to activate or disable requires you to change the VO. 
    1. Vehicle Options (VO) To Add:
  • The “Change The Following Parameters” section is usually included for all the Car Features tutorials. This section contains what values will be changed for different parameters within different ECUs. 
    2. Change The Following Parameters:
  • Some Car Features will require you to change the NETTODAT file for a specific module. If so, there will be a section that looks similar to the following:
    Screenshot - 5_12_2014 , 1_31_17 PM
    In this case we were modifying the CAS NETTODATE file for the Folding In Mirrors With Key Fob car feature.


  1. This is the most helpful site I have found.
    In one of your post you mention a reliable source for software, can that source supply an upgrade for INPA.I have version 5.0.0
    and it doesn’t seem to work it always reads the ignition on.


    October 26, 2014

    • Thank you. 🙂

      Coding E90 Staff

      November 4, 2014

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