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You don’t have to be a computer genius to figure out how to code your BMW E90 car. Our tutorials are setup to help you create the environment needed on your computer, and quickly explain the fundamentals to programming a BMW, and the rest is a piece of cake.

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  1. Very interested in coding my e90 m3 could you please let me know if I am able to buy all the hardware could I code all of these options? Thank you in advance!
    Disable seatbelt chime/gong for driver and/or passenger
    Enable video/DVD-in-motion (CIC/NBT iDrive only)
    Disable iDrive legal disclaimer on start-up (“press accept” message)
    Change start-up splash screen to “M” animation (NBT iDrive only)
    Enable EfficientDynamics Sport Displays (horsepower & torque)
    Add rain/light sensor options (headlight sensitivity) and daytime running light control to iDrive
    Enable ability to open and close windows and sunroof with the keyfob (and Comfort Access, if equipped)
    Enable ability to fold and unfold mirrors with the keyfob (and Comfort Access, if equipped)
    Automatically unlock the doors when key is removed or car is turned off (won’t have to pull the door handle twice)
    Automatically pop the key out when car is turned off (won’t have to press it in first)Automatically pop the key out when car is turned off (won’t have to press it in first)
    Enable one-touch operation of the sunroof, and windows while the door is open
    Automatically close the sunroof when rain is detected (only when car is running)
    Allow the windshield wipers to complete the cycle even if the car is turned off (so they don’t get stuck)
    Allow AC fan to remember to stay off if powered off last time
    Allow AC re-circulation setting to be remembered
    Disable amber corner lights and/or LEDs when headlights or parking lights are on (turn signals will still work)
    Enable “pathway lighting” with keyfob
    Enable ability to set the sensitivity of the automatic headlights via iDrive or the instrument cluster
    Customize reserve fuel warning threshold (European M-Dynamic Mode (MDM) calibration for M-cars
    1/5 tank)

    Kind Regards,

    Simon Kim

    April 28, 2016

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