NCS Expert: How To Modify VO (Vehicle Order)

NCS Expert: How To Modify VO (Vehicle Order)

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For some features, such as activating the OEM alarm on a vehicle that was not originally programmed at the factory to include an alarm, require you to add codes to the Vehicle Order (VO) also known as the FA. Below 



To keep this tutorial as short as possible, I will not be going into some of the details for NCS Expert since most were explained in the Getting Started guide. So if you are new to coding BMW E90s, be sure to follow the Getting Started guide first by clicking the following button: 

Getting Started Guide

Let’s Get Started


  1. In NCS Expert, load the Expertmode profile.
    Screenshot - 5_9_2014 , 10_16_48 AM
  2. Press F1 or the VIN/ZCS/FA button.
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_35_57 PM
  3. Press F3 or the ZCS/FA f. ECU button.
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_36_25 PM
  4. In the Choose CHASSIS pop-up window, choose the E89 chassis and press the OK button.
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_36_43 PM
  5. In the Choose ECU pop-up window, choose the CAS ECU and press the OK button.
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_36_59 PM
  6. The model (CHASSIS), VIN number (FG), and VO (FA) should be displayed in NCS Expert.
    Screenshot - 5_11_2014 , 4_37_19 PM
  7. Press F2 or the Enter FA button to modify the VO.
  8. In the Choose CHASSIS pop-up window, choose the E89 chassis and press the OK button.
  9. In the Enter VIN pop-up window, verify that the Vin listed is the correct VIN number for the vehicle. The last digit attached to the VIN number is a checksum. You should not have to change anything on this step. Just verify and press the OK button.
  10. In the Enter FA pop-up screen, for the Attribute text field, input the SA or Service Code. After typing in the code, press the Add button, and verify that the code was listed in the list of FA codes. After verifying, press the OK button.
    -SA codes will begin with a “$”
    -Service Codes will begin with a “+”

  11. Press F6 or the Back button.
  12. Press F4 or Process ECU button.
  13. For the Choose ECU pop-up window, select CAS and press the OK button.
  14. Press F2 or the Change job button.
  15. From the Choose job pop-up window, select FA_WRITE and press the OK button.
  16. Under “get coded:”, verify that CAS is the ECU selected to get coded. Also verify the JOBNAME is equal to FA_WRITE, and then press F3 or the Execute job button.
  17. After the job has ended, we need to also write the new VO to the LMA ECU so that it will be both wrote to the CAS and LMA ECU. Press F1 or Change ECU button. 
  18. From the Choose ECU pop-up window, choose the LMA ECU and press the OK button.
  19. Under “get coded:”, verify that LMA is the ECU selected to get coded. Also verify the JOBNAME is equal to FA_WRITE, and then press F3 or the Execute job button.
  20. After the coding has ended, you can exit out of NCS Expert. 


  1. Hello! I tried and I got COAPI-1000 Error. I can program any module, but not able to write/delete VO codes.


    May 8, 2015

    • During your module programming, you corrupted your VO. Hopefully, you made backups of everything + time you coded. First, update your daten files to the most up to date version and try & restore the module(s) that messed up your VO. If that doesn’t work, start with a clean install of your OS & programming software with the latest versions.


      September 1, 2015

  2. so,
    VO option of E90 are all in CAS and LMA ECU?

    For mirror retrofit I have to add new option in both CAS and LMA ECU?


    May 10, 2015

    • I find solution to my question: I have to write new VO option on both CAS and FRM ECU


      May 16, 2015

      • Great! Thanks for sharing.

        Coding E90 Staff

        May 17, 2015

        • What is SA or Service Code? where should I get it if I wanna modify it? thanks.


          November 9, 2015

  3. Hi,
    before modify VO option it’s important verify in expertmode profile is unchecked box “FWS/PSW-Manipulate with FSW_PSW.MAN”, in this way NCS restore ECU to factory default (it don’t read .MAN file).


    May 20, 2015

    • Hello, do I need to edit profile to change VO for the battery replacement. I got battery from local store and it hs70ah and old one was 90ah.


      December 3, 2015

  4. Hello, I followed your steps perfectly until the I had to change the ECU to LMA. I do not have an LMA ECU listed. Do you know why this might be? or what the German translation abbreviation might be? (thinking some of my software might still be in German).

    For your information, I have the following listed under ECU (listed in order from top to bottom):

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    January 12, 2016

  5. After you add the VO to CAS and FRM, do you need to code car (code all the modules in car) for the VO change to be complete? If so, can you post steps in that process?

    Thank you.


    February 26, 2016

  6. For an e93 you need to fa_write to CAS and NFRM. LMA does not exits.

    Servicecode is the code you want to add or delete. They start with $. Example i wanted to delete US radio control so I had to remove $645 from the VO.


    April 20, 2016

  7. I have followed all steps up to 17 but I cannot go further because I have no LMA ECU option to choose in the menu. 2008 335 Xi


    April 28, 2016

  8. Great info, thank you!!

    Simon Armstrong

    August 27, 2016

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