E91 LCI DRL Coding

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Eric Karlborg asked 3 months ago

I have some problems coding the right parameters in my friends E91 -2010. I’m not new to NCS Expert so that’s not the case, I myself have an E91 pre-lci that I coded without trouble. Just can’t figure this one out 🙂
Basically everything besides some NFRM DRL coding went well, what I want to do is disable the taillights with DRL.
I think I have read every forum thread regarding this on Google, so I’m now taking a shot with you guys.
What I have found out is that there are three main parameters to look for:
DRL_TFL_MIT_SL_2 -> nicht_aktiv
DRL_TFL_MIT_RL_BL_2 -> nicht_aktiv
RL_BL_MIT_TFL -> nicht_aktiv
When I have changed these values + some other ones that I found relevant it ends up having nothing lit up.
I would like to send you the original FSW_PSW (I reset to stock when it didn’t work) and maybe you could point out which parameters I have to change? 🙂
Best Regards, Eric