initial-connection-to-e90-with-ncs-expert-error *VH36

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Jeremy Poon asked 4 months ago

When I connect the cable verify that the signal is fine I get the following error. 
ERROR! Modul: AT_PROC.C, ProcNr: 31, LineNr: 01, ErrorNr:114.
   Mark Not Valid: *VH36
ERROR! Modul: COAPI4,CPP, Proc: coapiSetAuftrag, LineNr: 03, ErrorNr: 1180 
COAPI-1180: Fahrzeugauftrag ist ungueltig
The screen display says
“Folgendes Merkmal ist im Fahzeugauftrag ungultig: *VH36
As I can’t progress past this error the application doesn’t read the FA or allow me to do anything further.  Any advise would be appreciated as I’m a newbie (Although my dayjob is in IT!)